Natal Chart Reading: Psychic Ability

The influence of the heavens grants many gifts, but this reading will focus on the psychic and intuitive abilities bestowed upon the native. Whether you are aware of your gifts or you aren’t sure you possess them at all, understanding the role of astrology in your psychic aptitude assists in determining that psychic potential and how best to embrace it.

The reading includes:

  • Placements and aspects of the main bodies as well as the Ascendant and major formations.
  • The nature of each placement, as in what abilities it typically grants.
  • The nature of the chart overall, as in how all placements and aspects together work together to establish overall abilities.
  • How best to work with these abilities and strengthen them.
  • The negatives and positives of these influences.

The reading is meant to reveal all energies that influence this aspect of the mind in order for the native to reach the pinnacle of their ability.

The details of this reading and an example reading can be found below the cut.


The price of the reading is $15. It can be paid through Paypal here.

Contact me at In your message, include the name your payment was under along with the information needed for your natal chart: Date, location, and time of birth.

As soon as possible, I will respond to your message, giving you an estimate on how long it may take me to complete the reading. This will depend on how many others came before you, but the reading should be available to you within five days.

We can also set up a time for discussing the results of the reading and answering any questions you might be left with.

The reading can be delivered through email, word or Google document, or any other way you may need.

A short example


Moon in Aquarius and the 8th House:

The Moon’s position in the Sign of Humanitarianism creates a great deal of empathic abilities, particularly when combined with the powerful psychic influence of the 8th House. When in Aquarius, the Moon not only grants the native empathic abilities due to its nature as the ruler of instinct, emotion, and instinct, but at times allows for precognitive insights. The 8th House certainly compounds this, pushing the native to pursue such abilities.

In order to fully embrace these abilities, learning how to ground will be key. The tendency to be intensely overwhelmed by the emotions of others can hold the native back, or lead them to suppressing their abilities entirely, so it is necessary to first develop a way to avoid being overcome. Meditation, protective spells, and the like will be needed.

Uranus in Aquarius and the 8th House Sextile Pluto in Sagittarius and the 5th House:

Uranus being in the sign it naturally rules along with the 8th House, again a powerful influence when it comes to psychic matters, adds greatly to this aspect. Pluto, ruler of the 8th House, connecting to Uranus in its home of Aquarius through a sextile makes for an extremely powerful marker of psychic ability.

As Pluto is wont to do, it pushes natives of this position to transform themselves spiritually and psychically. There can be very sudden, and even harsh, intuitive insights. Natives are often capable of transforming the world around them with these abilities. Intuition and precognition are the focus of this position.

When considered along with the placement of the Moon, it is highly likely there will be strong moments of precognition. It may be difficult for the native to always embrace this due to the harsh nature of their presentation. This is further strengthened by the Sagittarian energy of Pluto, as Sagittarius often grants abilities of precognition.

To fully realize these abilities, meditation should be employed to strengthen the mind.